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"Flute music is love music from the heart. It must not stop, lest the pulsing of the heart be broken." ~ Judith Redman Robbins

Flutastic Monthly – October

Hello all! After over a year long hiatus I will be publishing monthly studio newsletters again. This information will help you, the parent, guide your flutist into becoming the accomplished musician you imagined when they first told you they wanted to play.

Practice Motivation – Group Class

Last July I attended a Flute Institute in Alexandria, VA and completed my Book 6 certification. I had a wonderful time even though I missed my family who I had left behind for 8 whole days. Most of those days were spend with teacher trainers and trainees reviewing Suzuki method teaching techniques and working through the pieces foundsuzuki-principles in Book 6. I was so inspired by focusing on my teaching practice with other dedicated flutists that I re-wrote lesson plans for all my students in the evenings. I couldn’t wait until I got home to put my new ideas into practice. Although, honestly, all that energy may have come from the sleep! I slept all the way through the night, eight nights in a row! The sleep was so good.

One of the things that I am fired up about this year is putting all of the Suzuki principles to work in my studio this year and that means setting up more opportunities for students to learn with other children.

In Suzuki group class we play through the graded repertoire together, which is really fun. When things are fun we want to do them. I know you want your kids. We bring music into their lives to enrich them and for all the cognitive benefits, but not for what can become a daily practicing battle. The biggest benefit of group class is that children want to play because it’s fun.

However, just group class is going to be fun doesn’t mean it’s not also going to be serious work. In group class we play through the Suzuki repertoire, repeating and reviewing fundamental skills (mastery through repetition). Older, advanced students play their current pieces in front of an adoring audience of peers, parents and younger students. (listening and observation). Younger students are exposed to advanced playing and future literature. When young people hear someone who is only a few years older playing beautifully the skill becomes tangible and attainable. The older students are going to go home and practice so that they play better at the next group class and the younger students are going to practice so they can play like the older student.

I am really excited about holding group classes twice a month. I’ve always held some group classes. We’ve had two or three group theory classes in preparation for the Musicianship Exams, performance practice groups with pianists before recitals and competitions, and a couple flute choir rehearsals. Starting October students will learning together and have the opportunity for more repetition, observation, listening and encouragement.

This is going to be really good for the students. It is going to take up some time in your weekly schedule. I am going to charge a little bit for each class to cover the rental fees and my time teaching and preparing. Give it a shot, commit to make them a part of your schedule and I think you’ll find them well worth it.

Up-Coming Events

The Haunt-cert

Saturday, October 29, 1pm at the Jewel Box Theater, Clark County Library

This is a new event for us. Performers will be playing in costume!

Junior Festival

Saturday, November 19th, Beam Music Center, UNLV

Students will play a memorized compulsory piece selected from the Federation of Music Clubs Bulletin and a choice piece for which memorization is option. (But it’s encouraged!)


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Flutastic Montly – May

Spring Recital

Please invite your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, classmates and anyone else you can think of to the Spring Recital on Saturday, June 6th, 1pm at the Jewel Box Theater in the Clark County Library: 1401 E. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Make-Up Day #5

The last Make-Up Day of this academic year will be Saturday, May 30. If we have not already scheduled a make up for you please let me know! There are plenty of slots available.

Practice Tip from James Galway

On March 22nd Megan Gleason played in a flute ensemble for James Galway during the Music Teacher’s National Convention. He had many good things to say about playing and practicing, but the bit that stuck out to me was that playing a passage correctly once is an accident just as much as playing it wrong once is an accident. Until you’ve played something many, many, many times accurately there’s as much a chance for mistakes as there is for accuracy. That’s what repetition is about, turning an accidental good performance into a reliably good performer.

Summer Lessons

Now is the time to start thinking about your summer flute plans. I will teach all summer with the exception of a week off to attend the Desert Suzuki Institute July 13-17 with my daughter Helen and a family vacation. I will be collecting everyone’s travel plans during the month of May and we will discuss your summer flute goals. Want better technique, tone or to graduate out of your current book? Summer is the time to do it!

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Flutastic Monthly – February/March

Flute Day – This Saturday!

Do not miss this opportunity! Each year the Las Vegas Flute Club hosts special guest artists from around the country to work with student flutists. This year’s artist, Dr. Andree Martin, works with flutists of all ages on effective body use and, that all important issue, efficient breathing and air use. The attendance fee is very reasonable; $15 for Flute Club members. If you are not a member you can become a student member for $15 at the registration booth.

Solo and Ensemble

This month 7 students participated in the Solo and Ensemble Competition. Congratulation to all of them! Overall, including ensemble performances, they collected 8 Superior ratings and 2 Excellent ratings. Megan Gleason and Kevin Lozada were both invited to compete at the Regionals level where they both received Superior ratings!

Musicianship Exams

The Musicianship Exams are a series of Theory, Technique and Repertoire tests, held by the Las Vegas Music Teachers Association, that evaluate students on their understanding of the basics of music theory. There are 10 levels and students that successfully pass exams receive certificates of achievement and are eligible for a trophy if they receive 90% or above in 4 successive years. In preparation for these exams we study chords, scales, note MusicTheoryPicturereading and writing, as well as learn pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods.  This program exposes students to the nuts and bolts of music which gives them a sophisticated understanding of composition and hones their listening and ear-training skills; there abilities are crucial for becoming a sensitive, expressive musician.

Last year, Rae Berkley, Umi Caldwell, Emma Knightly, MacKenzie Puckett and Dana Sullivan successfully completed their exams with scores above 90%, with a few of them completing the material for 3 levels.

Upcoming Make-Up DayRidKa6ni9

If you would like to schedule a make-up lesson for a lesson missed between January 19th
(Make-up Day #2) and March 20th please let me know. I will be available to make up lessons on Saturday, March 28th. Students are only eligible to make up one lesson missed between each Make Up Day.

Spring Break

There will be no lessons March 30 through April 3. Enjoy your Spring Break!

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