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Flutatistic Monthly – December

Student Accomplishments

NMTA Opening Social

NMTA Opening Social

What a busy month! On the 15th, Serine Alp, Umi Caldwell, Alyssa Corso, Megan Gleason and Dana Sullivan participated in Junior Festival and all earned Superior ratings! This year Alyssa qualifies for the studio’s first trophy.

Also in November, Umi Caldwell, Alyssa Corso and Serine Alp performed in the Opening Concert for the Nevada State Music Teachers Conference. They joined 25 student flutists and 7 student harpists in a selection of Suzuki literature and ensemble music. It was very impressive and inspiring to see so many young musicians, from beginners aged 6 up to seniors in high school playing together. At this concert I had my conducting debut, leading Moon Over Ruined Castle. 

High school students Megan Gleason, MacKenzie Puckett, Rae Berkley and Alyssa Corso also spent November preparing for the Clark County School District Honor Band Auditions. The music for these auditions is very challenging and each student rose to the occasion. I am impressed with the level of maturity each student demonstrated in their practicing.

Finally, two special acknowledgments. If you watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning you saw MacKenzie Puckett and the Foothill High School Marching Band. They traveled to New York and braved snow and ice to perform. And last, but not least, congratulations to Megan Gleason for getting the principal position in the Silverado High School Concert Band as a freshman.

Winter Recital

On Sunday, December 21st at 1pm, all studio flutists will perform in the Winter Recital. This year we will be at the Jewel Box Theater at the Clark County Library. This will be a unique concert with solo, duet and flute choir performances, harpsichord and a specials guest, cellist Dior DeSormeau. A cookie and hot cocoa reception will follow.

The performance is open to the public, please invite family and friends.

Lilah and Grace Hard at Work

Lilah and Grace Hard at Work

Suzuki Festival Concert

In January there will be a special performance opportunity, a Suzuki Festival Concert at Oasis Baptist Church. This will be a mass performing event with students of different levels playing together, featuring pianos, flutes and, I believe, violins, each presenting selections from the Suzuki repertoire. The finale will be a performance of Twinkle by combined instruments. This type of event is so fun and provide both younger and older students with a boost of motivation and enthusiasm. I will be coordination and conducting, and I encourage everyone to participate. Plus, for the $25 fee you get a t-shirt as a souvenir.

Scholarship Program

In 2011 as a board member of the Las Vegas Flute Club I helped found a scholarship that provides 4 promising flute students from Title 1 schools with six 30 minutes lessons with a local flute teacher. As a board, we wanted to reach flutists from schools that we rarely see as finalists in district wide competitions and that are under-represented in selective ensembles like Honor Band and the youth orchestras. I am currently the chair of the Scholarship Committee and I am raising funds for this program.

As a studio I was hoping that we could sponsor one of these students. We would only need to raise $150 to fully sponsor a scholarship, which is about $10 per studio member. Alternatively, if anyone would like to sponsor a student or if your coworkers or business would be interested, I have a fundraising letter and other information that I can provide. The Flute Club is a non-profit organization and sponsorship is tax deductible.

This is a special way that we can share our good fortune with others and foster our local music community.

Happy holidays!

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Flutastic Monthly – November

Student Accomplishments

Congratulations to Rae Berkley for graduating from Book 3!

Congratulations to the following students for completing the Scale Challenge: Serine Alp, Rae Berkley, Umi Caldwell, Alyssa Corso and MacKenzie Puckett. Overall 9 students participated and completed 253 scales and arpeggios!

Ice Cream Social - Rock Band!

Ice Cream Social – Rock Band!

Junior Festival

The performance practice for Junior Festival has been scheduled for Sunday, November 9th at Mallie Reicken’s Piano Studio from 4:30-6pm. This event is primarily for the students, but parents, guardians and guest are always welcome. Snacks will be provided for everyone in attendance.

Junior Festival takes place this year on Saturday, November 15 from 8-9:45am atMusic & Arts of Las Vegas, 6072 S. Durango, Las Vegas, NV, 89113.

Good luck to all participants!

NMTA Opening Ceremonies Concert

On Friday, November 21 at 6:30pm, students Alyssa Corso, Umi Caldwell and Serine Alp will participate in the Opening Ceremonies Concert for the Nevada Music Teachers Association Conference in Las Vegas. In the spirit of this year’s conference theme of collaboration, we will be combining students from the flute studios of Cynthia Man and Bonnie Buhler-Tanouye, along with harp student of Tara Skouson and woodwind students of Laura Friedlander in this special concert. Students will perform movement 1 from Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Flutes, Habenera Gris by Alfredo Orlando Ortiz, Moon Over Ruin Castle and singing Don Nobis Pacem.

Students have been preparing for rehearsals since October. I’m so pleased that Alyssa, Umi and Serine will be representing the studio at this years Conference!

Make-up Day Reschedules

Attentive Parent at Lessons

This year I’m trying out a new rescheduling policy. I was hoping to make reschedules easier for and keep my weekly schedule predictable. After trying it out this Fall, I have found that Saturdays don’t work well. There are too many conflicting events! So, for Make-up Day #2 we are going to try a day that school is out of session, Martin Luther King Day, January 19th. If your flutist misses a lesson in November, December or the beginning of January, it can be rescheduled then.

Happy practicing!


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Flutastic Monthly – October 2014

In September we hit the ground running! Students have been well prepared for lessons and are doing a great job balancing homework, practicing, marching band and a myriad of other activities gracefully. I can tell already this is going to be a very good year, and a busy one too.

Scale Challenge

As of today, October 1st, there are 3 weeks left in the Scale Challenge and I am just blown away at how well the students are doing.

This particularly studio event serves two functions: first, it serves the purpose of all technique and scale exercises, these scales help the students develop the finger skills necessary to master the flute. Having the Scale Challenge at the beginning of the year focuses student’s  attention back to their technical development and makes up any ground lost over the relaxed summer months. This is important for all, but especially important for high school students to do now. This month and next they will be auditioning for concert bands in their high school music programs and Honor Band auditions will follow closely in early December. Secondly, I use the Scale Challenge as a diagnostic tool to assess how well a student is practicing. If a student is playing their scales daily and reviewing challenging keys when needed then during the Scale Challenge they rapidly pass of scales. This is true today for almost all of my students because after only 2 weeks most have a handful of scales left to pass off. However, if students struggle to pass off scales and repeatedly make mistakes in the same keys week after week I know, and parents do too, that the scale practice either isn’t happening or isn’t being done well. During these Scale Challenge weeks we can change scale practice habits and, because of the reward and seeing the Scale Challenge chart hung up in the studio, students are motivated to make the extra effort.

Scale ChallengeJunior Festival

In addition to our scale review, students are working on repertoire pieces for Junior Festival on Saturday, November 15, 8-9:45am, at Music and Arts, 6072 S. Durango, Las Vegas, NV 89113. Junior Festival is hosted by the Las Vegas Music Teacher’s Association and is a National Federation of Music Clubs event. Students earn up to 5 points per each year per entry and earn a Gold Cup trophy at 15 points. Students perform 2 pieces, a required memorized pieces from the Federation book and a choice piece which may be read.

Rehearsal is tentatively scheduled for Saturday,  November 8th in my home from 11-12:30. It will be a performance practice for the students. We will play for each other, talk about performance etiquette and eat lunch.

This year Alyssa Corso will be eligible for her first, and the studio’s first, Gold Cup!

State Conference Performance

We have been invited to play at the Opening Concert for the Nevada State Music Teachers Conference on November 21 at the University Methodist Church on Maryland Parkway. In addition to many local and state teachers, Mr. Gary Ingle, president of the Music Teachers National Association, will be in attendance. We will be collaborating with 5-8 local flute and harp studios in a 20 minute selection of pieces for this performance.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to represent our city and look forward to sharing this opportunity with all my students. Permission slips need to be handed in to me by Tuesday, October 7th.

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