Flute Studio of Emma Pease-Byron

"Flute music is love music from the heart. It must not stop, lest the pulsing of the heart be broken." ~ Judith Redman Robbins

Flutastic Monthly – February/March

Flute Day – This Saturday!

Do not miss this opportunity! Each year the Las Vegas Flute Club hosts special guest artists from around the country to work with student flutists. This year’s artist, Dr. Andree Martin, works with flutists of all ages on effective body use and, that all important issue, efficient breathing and air use. The attendance fee is very reasonable; $15 for Flute Club members. If you are not a member you can become a student member for $15 at the registration booth.

Solo and Ensemble

This month 7 students participated in the Solo and Ensemble Competition. Congratulation to all of them! Overall, including ensemble performances, they collected 8 Superior ratings and 2 Excellent ratings. Megan Gleason and Kevin Lozada were both invited to compete at the Regionals level where they both received Superior ratings!

Musicianship Exams

The Musicianship Exams are a series of Theory, Technique and Repertoire tests, held by the Las Vegas Music Teachers Association, that evaluate students on their understanding of the basics of music theory. There are 10 levels and students that successfully pass exams receive certificates of achievement and are eligible for a trophy if they receive 90% or above in 4 successive years. In preparation for these exams we study chords, scales, note MusicTheoryPicturereading and writing, as well as learn pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods.  This program exposes students to the nuts and bolts of music which gives them a sophisticated understanding of composition and hones their listening and ear-training skills; there abilities are crucial for becoming a sensitive, expressive musician.

Last year, Rae Berkley, Umi Caldwell, Emma Knightly, MacKenzie Puckett and Dana Sullivan successfully completed their exams with scores above 90%, with a few of them completing the material for 3 levels.

Upcoming Make-Up DayRidKa6ni9

If you would like to schedule a make-up lesson for a lesson missed between January 19th
(Make-up Day #2) and March 20th please let me know. I will be available to make up lessons on Saturday, March 28th. Students are only eligible to make up one lesson missed between each Make Up Day.

Spring Break

There will be no lessons March 30 through April 3. Enjoy your Spring Break!

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